Pretend Pimps Players and Hos be ready to enjoy the 2011 Hookers Masquerade Ball on February 19, 2011 @ the Holiday Inn Valley View.

Strut your Stuff to the sights and sounds of “The Worx Band”


PimpDaddy hopes to have invitations in the mail by the end of January....around that time...invited guests will be able to book your hotel room.

Remember your name needs to be on the guest list to book a room.

Person wishing to be added to the guest list may contact PimpDaddy via the Hookers Masquerade Ball page on   facebook or myspace .  You may also send an email to . Be sure to include a photo...a name...verify that you are over 21... a mailing address ..and an email address helps keep you up to date.


IMPORTANT: Please understand that this is a private party. In 2011 invitations will be required and there is limited space, PimpDaddy reserves the right to invite whom he feels best "Plays the Part", and to deny admission to anyone that does not play well with others! Stupid behavior will not be tolerated! Virginia A.B.C. Department rules will apply. Ball attendees must be 21, have photo I.D. along with your invitation (bring it with you), and your name must be on the guest list and YOU MUST BE DRESSED TO PLAY THE PART.

Invited Ladies will be allowed to bring one male guest OR multiple female guests (if they are really sexy).

Couples only need one invitation.

Single Male guests will need to bring a “Ho” in other words NO SINGLE MALES WILL BE ALLOWED IN THE DOOR.


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