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2005 Roanoke Hookers Masquerade Ball Info
Get an Invitation

If you're on the mailing list, you may be good to go, however your Daddy suggests that if you have not sent in a photo of yourself to please do so, and make sure you STAY on the mailing list, as the list is updated and purged annually. Be sure to include your name age and mailing address.

All the new Pimps and Hos wishing to be included in future Hooker's MASQUERADE Ball events may ask for an invitation by sending a Photo (in .jpg fromat) along with your Name, Age, Mailing Address, and how you heard about the ball, to PimpDaddy at one of the following addresses: (SEE NOTE BELOW FOR IMPORTANT INFORMATION)

Email: (click on the link)..........PimpDaddy@hookersball.info

(Be sure to enter "Hookers Masquerade Ball Invitation" in the subject line)

If you do not have email or a digital photo, you may snail mail your photo and information to the following address (I can scan your photo and email it back to you if requested;)

P.O. BOX # 7
WIRTZ, VA. 24184

IMPORTANT: Please understand that this is a private costume party. In 2008 invitations will be required and there is limited space, PimpDaddy reserves the right to invite whom he feels best "Plays the Part", and to deny admission to anyone that does not play well with others! Stupid behavior will not be tolerated! Virginia A.B.C. Department rules will apply. Ball attendees must be 21, have photo I.D. along with your invitation (bring it with you), and your name must be on the guest list and YOU MUST BE DRESSED (Costume) TO PLAY THE PART. Invited Ladies will be allowed to bring one male guest OR multiple female guests (if they are really sexy). Couples only need one invitation. Single Male guests will need to bring a “Ho” in tow...in other words NO SINGLE MALES WILL BE ALLOWED IN THE DOOR. Lastly…… If you ask, why send a photo? Sending a photo will greatly increase your chances of getting an invitation and staying on the guest list, and it is strongly suggested that Pimps submit a photo of themselves in their Pimp Attire. (Sorry Guys, but that's the way it works!)

The pictures don't lie, it is a great time, so be sure to get an invitation for next years Hooker's Ball.

Pimp On My Friend,

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